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What's The Difference Between Apple Juice And Apple Cider?

IngredientsWhile both are made from apples, apple juice is often filtered and pasteurized, while apple cider is typically unfiltered and may contain pulp.

ProcessingApple juice undergoes a more extensive filtration process to remove solids and extend shelf life, whereas apple cider retains its natural, cloudy appearance.

FlavorApple juice tends to be sweeter and clearer, with a milder taste, while apple cider offers a more robust flavor profile, often with hints of spice. – 

FreshnessApple cider is usually fresher since it's less processed and may be found seasonally at local orchards or farmers' markets, while apple juice is widely available year-round. – 

Uses in CookingApple juice is commonly used in baking and as a sweetener in recipes, while apple cider adds depth to savory dishes and is a popular base for sauces and marinades.

Health BenefitsBoth apple juice and apple cider contain essential nutrients like vitamin C, but cider may retain more antioxidants due to its less processed nature.

SeasonalityApple cider is often associated with autumn and harvest season, while apple juice is enjoyed throughout the year, making it a versatile staple in many households.

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