This Hummingbird Feeder and Planter Is the Best Gift for the Birder in Your Life

Bird Bingo It's a bad your favorite birder can't watch 24/7, but the enjoyment can continue. Bird Bingo introduces new species from throughout the world.  

Glass-blown hummingbird feeder If they've been using the same bird feeder for years or decades, consider upgrading to one as gorgeous as the hummingbirds who visit it. Probably the prettiest blown glass hummingbird feeder we've seen.

Monarch M5 Binoculars Any serious birder needs good binoculars. Due to its affordable price and outstanding quality, this Nikon pair is ideal for beginner bird watchers. An experienced birdwatcher rated these binoculars as the best on the market.  

Black Knight Butterfly Bush Hummingbirds love this butterfly shrub "My butterfly bushes attract the most hummingbirds and bloom till first frost.  

Cast-iron pedestal birdbath Albermarle In summer, this vintage-inspired bird bath will let their winged companions cool off and relax. It will appear like it was meant to be in their garden.  

Plastic Window Bird Feeder Clear She can attract many bird species with this glass bird feeder's divided tray feeder and suction cups that attach directly to a window.  

Birdy Fruit Feeder Some birds can't handle plain seed. Cardinals, robins, and orioles prefer fresh fruit over bird seed, thus this feeder will bring lots to any yard.  

Starter Wool Nest This wool nest starter attracts birds to their yard. Fill it with wool, old cotton, or fur and watch birds come to create their homes. Choose this pre-built shelter if your birder adores hummingbirds.