Listening and Looking for a Ghostly Messenger

There is a distinctive arc the bird commits to when it sings. A swooping dive toward the forest floor, a seconds-long display that might just set him apart.  

The other males keep him company but he does his best to outshine them. His iridescent blue-green feathers reflect the sun in the right light.  

Surely this flurry of motion will catch the pair of small, dark eyes in the undergrowth. 

The story of the Santa Marta Sabrewing is only beginning to be told 

At least to those outside of its territory in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in northern Colombia. 

The Santa Marta Sabrewing, as far as we know, is the most threatened bird species of all those endemics and the one we know the least  

Research for Conservation in the Neotropics, a Colombian NGO. “What we do know is that the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta