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Palm Tree

Keep Your Yard Safe From Hummingbird Predators

Remove Potential PerchesPredators like cats and hawks often perch nearby to watch for prey. Trim tall bushes, trees, and remove any potential perches to keep predators away from your hummingbird feeders.

Place Feeders StrategicallyHang feeders at least ten feet away from bushes and trees. This distance helps prevent ambushes from lurking predators, giving hummingbirds a safer place to feed and rest.

Use Nectar GuardsNectar guards are small devices that fit on your feeders to prevent insects and other animals from accessing the nectar. This keeps the feeding area clean and reduces the chance of attracting predators.– 

Install Motion SensorsMotion-activated sprinklers or lights can startle and scare away potential predators. These devices can be particularly effective in deterring cats and other ground predators from approaching your yard.

Provide Safe Nesting SpotsPlant dense shrubs and bushes where hummingbirds can build their nests. Avoid pruning these areas during nesting season to give birds a secure place to raise their young.

Clean Feeders RegularlyDirty feeders can attract unwanted guests, such as ants and wasps, which can lead to more predators. Clean feeders every few days to ensure the health and safety of your hummingbirds.

Create a Safe Water SourceProvide a shallow water source, like a birdbath with rocks or pebbles. Make sure it’s clean and free of chemicals. This gives hummingbirds a safe place to drink and bathe without the risk of predators lurking nearby.

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