Keep Hummingbirds Coming Back With This Bright Flowering Vine

Growing Mandevilla A tropical plant that thrives in heat, mandevilla is ideal for warm, damp climates. Cold temperatures kill it, thus it's only winter-hardy in USDA growth zones 10 and 11.  

There are techniques to avoid this in colder climates. Mandevilla can be grown in a container and brought indoors for winter. The plant grows quickly (some types can have 20-foot stems in one season) and can be hard to handle, thus this limits its growth.   

Mandevilla climbs well. It can climb a trellis or grow at the base of a pergola, arbor, or mailbox to cover it in bright flowers and foliage. Vine spills over the sides, making it ideal for hanging baskets.  

Mandevilla, like many tropical plants, needs frequent but not excessive watering. Plant mandevilla in well-draining soil and allow it dry between waterings.  

Mandevilla can tolerate some shade, but the blossoms need full light to attract hummingbirds. Regular fertilization will also increase flowers.  

Other Hummingbird-Loved Vines Though red is typically called hummingbirds' favorite color, they prefer many others. Different hummingbirds have different tastes. Planting flowers of diverse colors, shapes, and scents will attract more birds.   

Since plants flower at different times, stocking your yard with hummingbird-friendly plants will keep them coming all season. Other vines will make your garden a hummingbird paradise.  

Yellow-flowering canary creeper thrives in hot regions. African hyacinth bean vines can handle heat. In cooler climates, clematis is a superb perennial for zones 4–8 with many colors and shapes. Wisteria, with its fragrant purple blossoms, is another popular perennial for zones 5–9.  

Since hummingbirds are only native to the Americas, North or South American flowers work best because the birds can recognize them. Two examples are coral honeysuckle and passionflower.  

Hummingbirds love crossvine, a native vine with masses of red, orange, or yellow blossoms. The bell-shaped blossoms of trumpet vine, another native shrub, attract hummingbirds to your yard. Add a handful of these vines to your mandevilla garden and hummingbirds will soon visit.