Hummingbirds are 'on the go' in SLO County. Here's what you'll see and how to attract them

Hummingbirds in San Luis Obispo County signal spring by eating nectar from blossoms and flying. Small birds are nesting and building nests, so there are plenty of chances to watch them.  

"They're very entertaining to watch," said Audubon California senior conservation director Andrea Jones. "They're always moving. I find it most entertaining to watch them fly."  

Six of the 16 hummingbird species in the National Audubon Society's Guide to North American Birds live in California, Jones added.  

"We're lucky on the Central Coast to see hummingbirds year-round," said Morro Coast Audubon program director Torrey Gage-Tomlinson. What hummingbirds can you observe in SLO County and how to attract them?  

What hummingbirds can I observe in SLO County? Experts say a beautiful hummingbird darting across your yard is likely an Anna's hummingbird.  

"Anna's is the most common hummingbird to see in California with the biggest range," he said. "They've used backyard habitats well. That makes them more adaptive."  

Male hummingbirds are brighter and easier to spot than females, like most birds. Gage-Tomlinson said Anna's hummingbirds' song "sounds like someone's crinkling up foil or grinding gears," so you may know them.  

"In their thrilling courtship displays, males climb up to 130 feet into the air and then swoop to the ground with a curious burst of noise that they produce through their tail feathers," the lab claimed.  

Gage-Tomlinson called it "cross between a bird chirp and a referee whistle." The Allen's hummingbird is found year-round in SLO County, mostly near the coast.  

Male Allen's hummingbirds have bright reddish-orange throats, orange bellies, and green backs.