How to stop other birds from using a hummingbird feeder

Keep other birds away from your hummingbird feeder 'These feeders are specifically intended for the small size and feeding habits of hummingbirds,' says Perfect Plants houseplant specialist Autumn Hilliard-Knapp.   

Hummingbird feeders have a long container with nectar and small openings for their long beaks. Bright colors and flower shapes attract hummingbirds.  

How to prevent hummingbird feeder use by other birds There are ways to deter other birds from utilizing your backyard hummingbird feeders.   

Paris advises placing the feeder where hummingbirds can reach it but larger birds cannot. Finding a good spot for a hummingbird feeder can be difficult, but placing it among trees can deter larger birds.  

For all bird lovers, providing alternative food sources for larger species is another option. "Offering other food sources, such as an orange or a jelly feeder  

You can prevent unwelcome guests from eating at your hummingbird station by learning where to hang other bird feeders.  

A protective baffle like this Amazon clear baffle can also make it tougher for other birds to use a hummingbird feeder.  

Install a baffle or cage around the feeder to keep larger birds out. Autumn suggests these barriers can be made for hummingbird feeders to deter larger birds.