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How to Get a Trapped Hummingbird Out of Your Garage

Remain Calm: Panicking may startle the bird further. Stay composed to assess the situation calmly.

Open the Garage Door: Hummingbirds are attracted to light. Opening the door provides an escape route.

Dim the Lights: Reduce brightness by turning off unnecessary lights. This helps direct the bird towards the open door.

Create an Exit Path: Use a broom or long stick to gently guide the bird towards the door, avoiding sudden movements.

Provide Nectar: If the bird appears exhausted, offer a shallow dish of sugar water to rejuvenate it.

Offer Shelter: If the bird seems disoriented or injured, place a small box with air holes near the door for temporary refuge.

Monitor and Assist: Keep an eye on the bird to ensure it safely exits. If needed, contact a local wildlife rescue for assistance.

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