Don't Break The 5 Golden Rules Of Deviled Eggs

Steam Eggs Best way to boil eggs: don't. Steaming is faster and more efficient because you use less water and wait to boil.  

No steaming basket? No problem. Heat ½” water in a large pan on high heat until simmering. Add the eggs, cover the pan, lower the heat to medium low, and steam for 10 minutes before carefully removing and cooling them.  

Hand-mix the yolks Mashing the yolks in a bowl with the other filling ingredients makes a decent deviled egg, but a hand mixer makes a better one. Mechanically blending the filling makes it smooth and adds air, lightening it to balance the egg yolks, mayo, and other fatty ingredients.  

Key Spices and Acids Deviled eggs are extraordinarily rich. Everyone loves them because of that. When beating egg yolks with mayo, you need spice and acidity to balance it. Francesca Zani, assistant culinary editor, advises paprika for smokiness.   

Recipe editor Brooke Caison loves adding relish or sliced pickles. The usual addition of mustard can add acidity, especially if you choose dijon, which can be fairly punchy depending on the type. Make sure your yolk-boosting elements have heat and tang to cut through the fat.  

Piping Bag with Ridged Tip That creamy, acidic, light-as-air filling in your deviled eggs may not be noticed if they don't look spectacular.  

A piping bag is required for such filling. I recommend using a ridged piping tip instead of a round one to avoid the poop emoji on the eggs!  

Overload on Toppings An elegant presentation of paprika-dusted piped deviled eggs will get you an A. But to top things off, you'll add something entertaining. You can add crispy bacon or freshly cut chives, but don't limit yourself.  

Go wild with creativity. Try adding bagel seasoning, capers, pickles, jalapeño, prosciutto, or smoked salmon. A bit excessive? Maybe. The best deviled eggs of your life deserve it.