Can You Eat Potatoes with Sprouts?

We've all been there: You see a giant bag of potatoes on sale at the grocery store and jump on it.  

You can always whip up quick potato recipes, right? But what happens when your potato sprouts tiny green roots 

Can you eat a potato that is sprouting? Or are you better off propagating potatoes instead? 

Potatoes will sprout when the conditions are right. If your spuds are in a well-lit area of the kitchen 

in a basket with onions or on the counter after spending time in the refrigerator, they'll end up with "eyes." 

It might be tempting to store your potatoes in the coldest place in the house to avoid this, but you should never store potatoes in the fridge. The starches can convert to sugar and produce dangerous chemicals when cooked. 

It depends. If your potatoes have just begun to sprout, you may still be able to salvage them by cutting off the sprouted areas with a kitchen knife or potato peeler.