Bourbon Pecan Pie

This gooey Bourbon Pecan Pie is a delicious twist on a classic! The alcohol will cook out while baking and you are left with rich flavor and a sweet filling 

It’s that time of year when we have pie on our minds. Whether you are thinking about Thanksgiving or just want a crowd-pleasing dessert for a gathering 

you are in need of a great pie recipe! No doubt you’ve already got some favorites, but I always like to try out a new pie recipe once a year 

I’ve heard it a lot- pecan pie is too sweet. It’s the reason it rarely makes an appearance at my house! My family isn’t a huge fan. 

That’s why I am absolutely in love with this Bourbon Pecan Pie recipe! It’s perfect. The bourbon cuts down on the sweetness 

My family gobbled this pie up so quickly that I couldn’t believe it. My kids loved it topped with some whipped cream! 

The best part about this recipe is that it isn’t harder than your average pecan pie. It requires no extra effort and will blow you away with it’s rich nutty flavor.