America's most common slang words, explained

Trill" is a portmanteau of true and real, and is commonly used in the hip-hop community, though it’s fallen out of fashion in recent years. 


Tote bags are useful if you want to carry your belongings, but the slang term “totes” is a shortened form of “totally.


To “clap back” means to respond to someone’s aggression with aggression of your own. That response would be your “clapback,” the noun form of the slang term.

Clap back

“TFW” stand for “that face when” and is generally used to start comedic tweets or memes. While the actual source of “that face” may not always be apparent, “TFW” is generally used to complain about ridiculous or laborious circumstances,


The slang meaning of “peep” is generally close to its typical meaning: to take a quick look at.


“Fleek,” generally used as a part of the phrase “on fleek,” means awesome or perfect, much in the same way “fly” was used during an earlier generation. 


The LGBTQ+ community is known for its slang, much of which is adapted by mainstream youth culture. “The tea” is one such example, basically meaning “gossip.”

Spill the tea