9 Secret Ingredients You Should Always Use In French Toast

Vanilla Extract: Add a splash of vanilla extract to the egg mixture for a warm and aromatic flavor that enhances the overall taste of the French toast. 

Ground Cinnamon: Sprinkle ground cinnamon into the egg mixture for a warm and comforting spice that pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the toast. 

Nutmeg: Grate fresh nutmeg into the egg mixture to add depth of flavor and a hint of warmth that complements the cinnamon and vanilla. 

Orange Zest: Grate orange zest into the egg mixture for a burst of citrusy brightness that adds freshness and complexity to the French toast. 

Maple Syrup: Replace some of the milk in the egg mixture with maple syrup for a subtle sweetness and rich flavor that caramelizes beautifully when cooked. 

Heavy Cream: Swap some of the milk for heavy cream to create a richer and creamier egg mixture that yields decadent and indulgent French toast. 

Almond Extract: Add a drop or two of almond extract to the egg mixture for a delicate nuttiness that enhances the overall flavor profile of the French toast. 

Brioche Bread: Use thick slices of brioche bread for a luxurious and buttery texture that elevates the French toast to new heights of decadence.