8 Secret Ingredients Grandma Used in Her Meatloaf

Mexican and Southwestern Flavors Call it meatloaf night and the family will grumble. Rename it TACO meatloaf and they'll rejoice! Add salsa, kidney beans, corn, and taco seasoning to taste. The slices can be served in tortillas with guacamole!  

Hard-boiled egg Put an egg in instead of on it! Shape your meatloaf mixture into an 8x12 rectangle on plastic wrap. Roll the long end of the bread over three peeled hard-boiled eggs in the center.   

Mashed Potatoes Why not load meatloaf with mashed potatoes, which we usually serve on the side? This recipe gives plain meatloaf a creamy texture that will have you coming back.  

Barbeque Sauce You can top meatloaf with something other than ketchup. Instead, use barbecue sauce in this little meatloaf. Looking for sauce? Sample our top brands.  

Mushrooms Grandmas usually find a way to convince us to eat mushrooms and other vegetables. In this dish, mushrooms add flavor, moisture, and texture to meatloaf. Choose button, Portobello, or shiitake and slice finely.  

Tzatziki Sauce Who said meatloaf needed a sweet, ketchup glaze? Try pairing meatloaf with zesty, refreshing tzatziki sauce. Make your Greek-inspired meatloaf even more genuine by using ground lamb instead of beef.  

Make Cheesy Add cheddar, pepper jack, or string cheese to the meatloaf mix to make it cheesy. Add blue cheese and herbs to dress it up. Either way, meatloaf will change!  

Vegetables It's more than adding healthful, nutrient-dense ingredients to meatloaf. As the meatloaf cooks, vegetables release liquids that keep it moist. If you want a healthier loaf, substitute ground turkey with beef.