8 Places in the U.S. Where You Can See Hummingbirds All Year Long

Paton Hummingbird Center The Paton Center for Hummingbirds opened in 1973. Visitors to Wally and Marion Paton's yard might see the birds. It evolved quickly, adding benches, bird books, and a chalkboard.  

Cabrillo National Monument Cabrillo National Monument near San Diego, California, is the next of our 8 U.S. locations where you may observe hummingbirds year-round. Even if you don't see a hummingbird, this magnificent place is worth seeing.  

Guest Ranch & Orchard Beatty Arizona's Beatty's Guest Ranch & Orchard is another fantastic hummingbird-watching area for permanent residents. This secret spot is a great place to see hummingbirds.  

Ramsey Canyon Preserve Our fourth pick is Ramsey Canyon Preserve near Hereford, Arizona. Ramsey Canyon Preserve in Southeastern Arizona is beautiful. Mountains and deserts are among its features.  

Descanso Gardens The Descanso Gardens attract hummingbirds too. These gardens are in LA County. It occupies 150 acres. Only a small portion of Descanso Gardens visitors come for the plants.   

Huntington Library Gardens There are other U.S. gardens with year-round hummingbirds than Descanso. Huntington Library Gardens in San Marino, California, is another. It's not just a garden in this unusual area.  

Madera Canyon Continuing our list of eight U.S. locations where you may watch hummingbirds year-round is Madera Canyon in Coronado National Forest. Thousands of birdwatchers visit this popular site.   

Sonora Desert Museum Arizona The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tuscan is the last of our eight U.S. locations where you may watch hummingbirds year-round. This museum offers lots to see and do.