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7 Reasons Why Your Hydrangea is Not Blooming

Improper Pruning:Pruning at the wrong time can remove next year's flower buds. Ensure you trim after flowering.

Insufficient Sunlight:Hydrangeas thrive in partial shade but need some sunlight to bloom. Check if your plant gets enough light.

Soil pH Imbalance:Acidic soil encourages blue blooms, while alkaline soil favors pink. Test and adjust pH accordingly.

Over-Fertilization:Too much nitrogen-rich fertilizer can lead to lush foliage but sparse blooms. Use balanced fertilizers sparingly.

Frost Damage:Late frosts can harm flower buds. Protect your hydrangea during colder months to prevent bud damage.

Immature Plant:Young hydrangeas may take a few years to establish before producing abundant blooms. Be patient.

Variety Selection:Certain hydrangea varieties bloom on old wood, while others bloom on new growth. Choose the right type for your climate.

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