7 military terms and their meanings

One of the more familiar military terms is "AWOL," an acronym for "absent without leave." Someone who takes on this status is gone without permission


An azimuth is an angular measurement in a spherical coordination system. While usually used as a technical term in land navigation

Azimuth check

A fun-sounding rhyme, "beat feet" means to move from your current location quickly, as in to beat your feet on the pavement.

Beat feet

An expression you may already be using, legend has it that this saying was derived from having service members bite a bullet during battlefield surgery to distract them from pain. 

Bite the bullet

BOG, or boots on the ground, refers to combat troops who are deployed in another country.


Commonly used in the Marines, "boot" is a somewhat derogatory term for a novice service member, often one who is fresh out of boot camp.


Another one on the list you may already be using, this phrase is understood to have military origins. The literal meaning is to sit down and eat. 

Chow down