7 Easy Lunch Ideas Perfect for Every Day

This easy lunch idea combines mayonnaise, cream cheese, melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese for an indulgent sandwich you’ll want to pack for lunch every day

Grilled Cheese

This recipe makes a quick and easy lunch. Swap the sun-dried tomato pesto for basil pesto or your own homemade pesto to make the most of what you have on hand.

Chicken Pesto Wraps

 Featuring a creamy sour cream and mayo sauce, sweet grapes and crunchy celery, this sandwich is ready in minutes.

Easy Chicken Salad

This open-faced sandwich combines the creaminess of tuna salad, the subtle sweetness of cornbread and the gooey richness of melted cheese. 

Tuna Melt on Cornbread

Toss together fresh spinach, savory turkey, crunchy walnuts and dried cranberries for a vibrant salad that’ll give you the energy to power through until the end of the workday.

Turkey Spinach Salad

 This easy lunch uses creamy peanut butter, shredded cooked chicken and fresh basil to turn flavors you’d normally find on Thai noodles into a comforting sandwich.

 Chicken and Basil Sandwich

This hassle-free version of a club sandwich uses tomatoes instead of bread for a juicy version of the classic. 

Hasselback Tomato Clubs