7 Genius Tricks That Will Keep Your Bird Bath Clean

Select Its Location Carefully A bird bath can be a great addition to a garden plan, but the best spot may need extra work. Avoid placing it under trees and plants since debris will regularly fall into the water.  

Ensure Fresh Water If the water level is low, you may be tempted to top it off and continue with other chores. Birds enjoy small pools for splashing and bathing, so keep the bath roughly 2 inches deep.  

Avoid Sunlight Warm sunshine has many benefits, but it can do more harm than good to your bird bath. Heat has several drawbacks. It accelerates water evaporation. You'll always be replenishing and cleaning.  

Make It Move The moment you fill your bird bath, whether you bought one from the shop or made one yourself, you'll be excitedly awaiting its first guests. If you wish to attract birds, know that birds adore running water.  

Vinegar Removes Algae Despite appropriate positioning, replenishing, and a solar fountain, everyone must clean their bird bath. You don't need many supplies or harsh chemicals to clean and freshen your bird bath.  

Clean every 2–4 days Keep your bird bath clean to ensure pleasant splash pads for your birds and relaxing bird viewing. You can't set it and forget it. Birds can get sick from algae in the basin, but bacteria from other birds can be deadly.   

Drop Some Pennies We're sorry, but there's no secret cure to keep algae out of your bird bath. Don't give up yet—there's a startling trick worth attempting that's scientifically proven.